3 ways to connect with investors, female founders and CEOs online

Published on 26 February 2021 at 12:24


Now that we are experiencing a shift from offline meetings to online connections, you might be wondering how you can connect with other female founders in your business area or beyond. Even though you can look for these opportunities online, there are many options to dwell upon. Below you find 3 platforms to connect with female founders with businesses on a professional and informal level.  Next to connecting with female entrepreneurs, the platforms presented below also have opportunities to connect with investors. 


1 Lunchclub

Lunchclub is a platform where you can connect with different people of various industries around the world. You have a meeting with a person who matches the profile you showed interest in. Meetings are scheduled with an online video call. When you set up your profile you can give a description about yourself and the topics you are interested in. When you schedule a meeting you can also select the option to book a meeting with VCs and angel investors. This is a good opportunity to ask investors any questions you have or even make the first steps to get investors to get to know more about your business.  Lunchclub is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). After every session with a match, you can rate the conversation you had. This way, the algorithm can match you better every time you use it.


2 Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a voice only app where people can connect and talk with each other. The community varies from actors to founders of startups, and VC’s. It is intriguing to jump in a room and listen to what fellow entrepreneurs are talking about. You can compare it to having a conference call but with strangers.

Next to connecting with groups, you can also connect one on one. If you want to find founders you relate to, you can use the search icon to search different profiles and follow them. Clubhouse is also a good opportunity to talk about your business if the topic matches a conversation.

Next to that, you can start your own rooms or clubs to reach out to the audience you prefer. Clubhouse also has several Clubs for women who have their own business. Some of these clubs already have thousands of club members you can connect with! 


Clubhouse has has investors and VCs you can connect with also. You can find them in different rooms relating to business. Several connections have been made when it comes to VCs and investors. People with startups or startup ideas have already been invited to calls with some investors and made valuable business deals. At the moment Clubhouse is in beta and only available on iOS. Clubhouse has a waiting list at the moment, but you can get in instantly by getting an invite from a personal contact who has your phone number. 

Shark Tank on Clubhouse

The concept of the popular TV show Shark Tank was brought to the popular live audio app Clubhouse. Kevin Harrington of the aforementioned tv show started the room Shark Tank Clubhouse with Kevin Harrington on January 5 2021. The room had over 1200 consistent listeners for over 17 consecutive hours.


Just like on the show, entrepreneurs get a limited amount of time to pitch their business to investors like Kevin Harrington and Grant Cardone. Here are a few female founded businesses who pitched on Clubhouse.

3 Startup Study Group

Startup Study Group is an online Slack group where founders can connect and share knowledge. The are different slack channels you can join to connect with others. Some of the channels you can think of are: Femalefounders, Advice4startups, and Askinvestors. Online Lunchclub and Clubhouse, Startup Study Group is a messaging group on the slack platform. Although audio is an option, most people connect with text in the rooms. Feel free to ask questions in the Askinvestor channel for various topics. The investors are willing to help you out.


These are 3 ways to connect with other female founders. Sign up for one or more of the platforms mentioned above to expand your network and exchange knowledge.