Tech businesses

I Ally is a holistic support app for family caregivers.

Skin Bliss is a personalized cosmetic analysis and ingredient knowledge powered by machine learning and AI

ChiqChaq is the platform helping those looking for personal, domestic, professional and business services and those who are ready to provide such services to match in a quick, easy and effective way.

NameShouts exists to help people build better relationships through name pronunciation.





Growth Channel is your SaaS for personalised marketing planning!




Create, edit, organize and collaborate — Kubric removes all the hurdles which hold back your day; so you can focus on creative work.


Redefine your style with the #1 outfit planner voor iOS.







We are an AI company using innovative technology to improve educational efficacy and efficiency.


With Front, give your team better email — so they can treat every customer like your only customer.


Asynchronous meetings for efficient teams.


From wanting to having. nexC redefines the buying experience, and creates highly personalized and effective customer journey.

At inDinero, we reduce monotonous bookkeeping tasks through our software to provide you real-time visibility into your financial health. 

See all of your subscription emails in one place and unsubscribe from them with a single click.

A single API for enterprise hair and beauty businesses to aggregate data and retail bookings with smarter frontend tools. 

Quick navigation to changing stations for newborns and infants like yours.